Heart Attack

Do Not Delay Urgent Medical Care Due To The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Many physicians have noticed a startling decrease in patients coming in for serious non-COVID issues, such as heart attack and stroke. Some drop-in ER volumes is completely understandable. For example, “stay at home” mandates mean fewer cars on the roads, and thus fewer car accidents. However, there is a concern that many patients are choosing to stay … Continued

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noise heart disease

Another Way To Protect Your Heart

You’re taking all the steps you can to protect your cardiovascular system: eating right, exercising, reducing stress, getting enough sleep, not smoking. Now it turns out there’s something else you should do: Avoid noise. According to a review paper published this week in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, noise pollution may increase … Continued

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healthy chocolate holidays

Health By Chocolate

At this time of the year, seasonal sugarplums can take the shape of everything from chocolate reindeer to chocolate dreidels to chocolate Yule logs. Your primary care physicians at The Medical Group of South Florida in Jupiter, Florida, don’t mind your indulging your chocolate sweet tooth occasionally, especially over the holidays, with some caveats. Many … Continued

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Inflammation’s Role In Heart Disease

The cardiologists in Jupiter, Florida at The Medical Group of South Florida, are expert in treating heart disease, but we prefer to highlight prevention whenever possible. Thus, we would like to focus on a particular aspect of heart disease prevention that is garnering much attention in recent weeks. Cardiovascular disease is the leading killer not … Continued

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