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Stay Safe As You Celebrate the Day

Thanksgiving is the official kick-off of the holiday season, and is traditionally celebrated with a gathering of family and friends and a turkey dinner with all the fixin’s. But sometimes the bird that is the centerpiece of the meal can lead to unhappy consequences for all involved. Your family physicians and internal medicine doctors at The Medical … Continued

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Unusual Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

The very first thing your primary care doctors at The Medical Group of South Florida do when you come in for a visit is check your blood pressure. That’s because high blood pressure can cause heart attacks and strokes, and rarely produces detectable symptoms in sufferers until it has done serious damage. Other associated illnesses … Continued

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Is Diet Soda Unhealthy?

It looks as though water may be your best bet for quenching your thirst. A new study published last month in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke, found that people who drink at least one artificially sweetened soda a day appear to have almost three times the risk for stroke or dementia compared to someone … Continued

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