Is SNORING harmless

Snoring: Harmless or Hazardous?

Approximately 30% of the adult population snores. You’ve heard all the reports about the relationship between snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the condition that cuts off breathing many times during the night, and the resultant oxygen lack that has been strongly linked to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes. Although OSA has gotten a … Continued

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cortisol stress hormone

Stress, Cortisol and Your Health

For years you’ve heard about the effects of stress on your body, but you may not have known precisely how it works to sabotage your health. Your primary care physicians at The Medical Group of South Florida want to focus on cortisol, the so-called “stress hormone,” and its impact on nearly every part of your … Continued

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norovirus illness primary care doctor jupiter

Norovirus Is a Different Kind of Animal

It’s that time of year, when a particularly nasty virus rears its head. Often called “stomach flu,” norovirus is not really related to the influenza virus but is a miserable viral infection all its own. Your family physicians here at the Medical Group of South Florida see it throughout the year, but it is especially … Continued

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primary care physicians exercise

Any Exercise Is Worth It, New Study Reports

Your Jupiter, FL physicians at the Medical Group of South Florida will often recommend exercise for any number of medical issues. You already know many of the benefits of exercise: cardiovascular health, improved mood, weight control, increased energy, lower stress, better control of such chronic diseases as diabetes and arthritis, and even cancer. Exercise has … Continued

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Eating Sugar During The Holidays

Sugarplums Dancing In Your Heart It’s that time of year, when our diets seem to consist mainly of cream sauces, canapés and sugary treats. Only the strongest among us could manage to resist every bite of the forbidden temptations thrust our way at various holiday parties and celebrations. And the physicians at the Medical Group … Continued

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