Surgical masks

Where Are All the Masks?

As the health care system strains to accommodate the unprecedented challenge of the coronavirus outbreak, many medical professionals on the front lines do not have adequate protection. Some are reusing masks and gloves. Without proper covering, every new visit might prove fatal, especially for older physicians and their families. And already, dozens of health care workers across … Continued

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Coronavirus mask

Can wearing a face mask protect you from the new coronavirus?

Can wearing a face mask protect you against the new coronavirus? If it’s a regular face mask and not surgical grade, the answer is no, Dr. Bruce Eisenberg, M.D. F.A.C.P., a primary care specialist at The Medical Group of South Florida in Jupiter. Surgical grade masks and more specialized mask, known as an N95 respirator, … Continued

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Multidisciplinary Practice

Benefits of a Multidisciplinary Practice

When it comes to primary health care, patients have two choices – entrust their care to a general practitioner (GP) or to a multidisciplinary practice. A GP is a physician who doesn’t specialize in any particular area of medicine, but provides routine health care (physical examinations, immunizations, etc.) and diagnoses and treats different conditions. A multidisciplinary … Continued

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Early Treatment of Knee Pain Most Beneficial

Magnets for Pain Relief: Helpful or Hype?

Your chiropractic physicians and interventional pain management specialists at The Medical Group of South Florida in Jupiter, Florida, are familiar with all the standard remedies for pain relief, as well as newer approaches. One of the non-conventional method our patients frequently ask us about is the use of magnets, usually recommended by a friend or … Continued

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treating fibryomyalgia

Treating the Pain of Fibromyalgia

Once thought to be a largely imagined disease, since 1990 fibromyalgia has been recognized as a medical disorder. Symptoms can include sensitivity to pain, stiff, achy joints or bone pain, and fatigue. Other common markers of the syndrome are sleep disorders, migraines, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Also seen with fibromyalgia are such disparate symptoms … Continued

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