Have You Experienced Foot Pain During Quarantine?

With so much attention focused on protecting yourself from infection during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be overlooking one part of your body as you shelter at home—your feet.

So much time is being spent indoors that many people don’t wear shoes for extended periods during quarantine. This may feel like you’re giving your feet a rest from constricting work shoes, but according to Dr. Ariel Lepoff, going barefoot around the house is leading to soreness and, in many cases, injury.

Quarantine has had a dramatic change on our daily routine, activity level, and shoe wear choices. While some have increased their exercise habits, others may have adapted a more sedentary lifestyle. Some may find they are taking more walks on the beach. All these changes could bring about new foot pain.

“Foot pain secondary to an increased level of activity may arise due to inadequate or improperly fitted shoe gear, lack of arch support, or a stress fracture. When purchasing shoes, I find most people benefit from a sneaker that cannot bend in half and benefit from the addition of arch support,” says Dr. Ariel Lepoff.

Tips for purchasing footwear:

  • Look for shoes that are durable and do not bend in half.
  • Always make sure the shoe has good arch support.
  • If the sneaker hurts when you try it on in the store, do not buy it.
  • Make sure there is enough room in the toe area as well.
  • You can increase the life of your shoe by rotating different pairs of sneakers.
  • If you are someone who walks daily or performs at-home workouts, you may benefit from replacing your sneakers every six months.

“Walking barefoot at home or on the beach can create sore feet and achy muscles. The small intrinsic muscles of the foot are overtaxed with lack of support and cushioning and without any restriction, the arch collapses. I recommend avoiding barefoot walking and investing in a shoe or sandal with arch support,” says Dr. Ariel Lepoff.

Though many of us were taught that shoes bring dirt into the home, wearing supportive footwear indoors may be the solution to quarantine foot. If your foot pain is severe and accompanied by swelling, you may have suffered a stress fracture and need to be evaluated by a Podiatrist.

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