Immediate Tension Headache Relief

Occurring in about three of every four adults, tension headaches are the most common of all headaches. In most cases, they are mild to moderate in severity and occur infrequently. But a few people get severe tension headaches, and some are troubled by them for three or four times a week.

Tension Headache Relief

If you ever had a tension headache, you know it can put a damper on your day. This kind of headache usually develops in the afternoon, causing mild or moderate pain that may feel like dull tightness or a band of pressure. Tension headaches occur when neck, shoulder, and scalp muscles become tense. While a tension headache is rarely debilitating, it can certainly make life miserable.

If you have frequent tension headaches, here are some moves that can help alleviate these headaches when sitting in front of your computer or elsewhere:

  • Simple chin retraction stretch. You move chin up and back to help release some of the pressure on the base of your neck.
  • Scapular retractions. Scapular retractions are done by sitting straight at the desk and rolling shoulders back and down, almost creating the sensation of pinching the shoulder blades together.
  • Chair pushes are accomplished by sitting straight up and pushing down on the chair. You will feel the tension release in the neck and move all the way down the back.

We always advise consulting with a physician before beginning a condition-specific exercise program. If you have any questions regarding these exercises, tension headaches, or want advice regarding another musculoskeletal condition, schedule a consultation with one of our chiropractic physicians or call 561-622-6111 to find out more information.

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