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Kids Who Play Sports Need Chiropractic Care

As the school year gets under way, many kids will be participating in sports, whether through school, local leagues, or traveling teams, or perhaps a combination. Football, soccer, baseball, and basketball are just some of the possibilities available to youngsters these days.

Many years ago, little thought was given to children’s play. They would roughhouse in the yard, play stickball in the street, and participate in mandatory games during fitness or gym class in school, or in team sports after school.

If they injured themselves, oh well . . . that’s a part of being a kid, and a part of growing up. Unless a trip to the emergency room was warranted, usually the child was comforted, dusted off and sent back out to play.

Today we know better. Concern about sports injuries—particularly the possibility of concussions—is causing parents to rethink their child’s participation in sports activities. There are even numerous school systems canceling their football programs in the name of safety.

But this would be a shame. The documented benefits of sports for youngsters are legion: keeping them active, offering cardiovascular health and practice in coordination, learning to function in a team environment, the social aspect, the sense of achievement . . . all these benefits and more accrue to participants in sports.

Your chiropractic physicians at The Medical Group of South Florida in Jupiter, Florida, do see younger patients who have been injured, and we can often correct resulting issues before they become chronic.

Sometimes injuries are not immediately apparent, and the adrenaline felt by players in the midst of competition may mask the pain, which can show up hours or even days later. In fact, we often see patients who may have been injured years before, who are still suffering from uncorrected pain and weakness.

But even better than seeing children after an injury, proper pre-sports preparation can prevent many of the common injuries seen in youngsters who participate in sports. Chiropractic care shouldn’t be limited to treating injuries after the fact.

Our expertise in the neuromusculoskeletal system means we can provide advice on the best ways to avoid injuries during play, as well as how to condition the body to prepare it for the rough-and-tumble of youth sports. In addition, we can offer nutritional guidance, as well as advice on the proper footwear and equipment.

Finally, regular chiropractic care for children offers the same benefits it does for adults, including keeping their nervous system healthy and functioning properly. Chiropractic adjustments can improve balance and flexibility, eliminate aches and pains, and allow your child to perform at the peak of his or her ability.

Before your child engages in any vigorous sports activity, our chiropractic physicians suggest you bring him or her to us for a simple, painless spinal evaluation.