In The News

Aug 11 2020

Pandemic delays cancer screenings, diagnoses
The number of newly diagnosed cancer cases has sharply declined since the COVID-19 pandemic began, causing some oncologists to worry about the number of people going undetected.

Jun 2 2020

Demonstrators choose protest over pandemic, despite months of warning
Look at images from any protest, following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Memorial Day; you'll notice some protesters wearing masks, but none practicing social distancing guidelines.

Apr 2 2020

Doctor’s office in Jupiter offering rapid COVID-19 tests
A new kind of coronavirus test is coming to Palm Beach County. Instead of identifying if you currently have the virus, this new, rapid test will tell you if you've ever had the infection.

Mar 30 2020

Boca Raton fashion school creates, donates masks to local hospitals
Nationwide, hospitals and medical centers are seeing shortages in tools to safely combat the coronavirus. Supplies like masks, gowns, and other items have been hard to come by and first responders have had to adjust.

Mar 4 2020

Jupiter doctor, patient use friendship and unique machine to beat cancer
When you're diagnosed with cancer, you look forward to the day you can ring the bell; the ultimate sign that you've beaten cancer.

Dec 20 2019

MGSFL acquires Halcyon System for image-guided cancer treatments
In a promising development for cancer patients in Palm Beach County, The Medical Group of South Florida announced today that it has acquired the Halcyon™ system for image-guided radiotherapy to deliver advanced high quality cancer treatment.