exercise health benefits

Exercise Is Often the Best Medicine

A new study reported by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) supports numerous previous studies about the benefits of exercise for nearly every illness. The study, released this month, looked at 128 patients with stage 1 or 2 Parkinson’s Disease who had been diagnosed within the previous five years. A third of the participants were … Continued

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healthy chocolate holidays

Health By Chocolate

At this time of the year, seasonal sugarplums can take the shape of everything from chocolate reindeer to chocolate dreidels to chocolate Yule logs. Your primary care physicians at The Medical Group of South Florida in Jupiter, Florida, don’t mind your indulging your chocolate sweet tooth occasionally, especially over the holidays, with some caveats. Many … Continued

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herbs pain management

Herbs for Pain Management

Your pain management specialists in Jupiter, Florida, at The Medical Group of South Florida, are committed to providing the best pain relief available to our clients. We are trained in the most up-to-date methods for relieving pain. Sometimes, though, it’s worth looking backward; that is, to various herbs that have been used for centuries to … Continued

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safety thanksgiving dinner meal

Stay Safe As You Celebrate the Day

Thanksgiving is the official kick-off of the holiday season, and is traditionally celebrated with a gathering of family and friends and a turkey dinner with all the fixin’s. But sometimes the bird that is the centerpiece of the meal can lead to unhappy consequences for all involved. Your family physicians and internal medicine doctors at The Medical … Continued

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when should you see chiropractor jupiter fl

When Should You See a Chiropractor?

Since it’s estimated that nearly half the population will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives, many people assume that this often-crippling affliction is something they will just have to live with. Others have tried “everything,” from massage, to heat, to pain drugs, even surgery, with little or no relief, and … Continued

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Inflammation’s Role In Heart Disease

The cardiologists in Jupiter, Florida at The Medical Group of South Florida, are expert in treating heart disease, but we prefer to highlight prevention whenever possible. Thus, we would like to focus on a particular aspect of heart disease prevention that is garnering much attention in recent weeks. Cardiovascular disease is the leading killer not … Continued

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