Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology, also called radiotherapy or radiation therapy, is a major part of cancer care. Most people will receive some form of radiation during their course of cancer treatment. Radiotherapy effectively treats cancer by using high-energy beams of radiation to pinpoint and destroy cancerous cells. That means the radiation is focused on the affected area or tumor while sparing the surrounding healthy tissues and organs.


Our Radiation Oncology specialists will work with you and your other cancer providers as a team to develop and implement a safe, customized radiation therapy plan that is right for you. Whether external or internal, careful measurements help us know precisely where to deliver the radiation.

The Medical Group of South Florida has extensive skills in using specialized devices and technologies to deliver a complete treatment approach. We want to make sure that you – and your cancer – receive the best treatment possible.


The most advanced technology for treating cancer has arrived at The Medical Group of South Florida. Our radiation oncology program is the first in Palm Beach County to utilize the Halcyon™ radiotherapy system. The Halcyon system is the most recent advancement from Varian. Its leading- edge technology precisely targets the tumor while providing a treatment environment that’s quieter and more comfortable than ever before.

We are eager to show you how our new system works. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how Halcyon is redefining cancer treatment while helping improve patient outcomes.

Learn About the Halcyon System