Vaccine supply issues

Why hasn’t the U.S. made more progress on the vaccinations?

It’s been weeks since the COVID-19 vaccines began arriving at hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Operation Warp Speed—the U.S. vaccination development, testing, and distribution effort—had made 20 million vaccine doses available by the end of 2020. Yet the U.S. is only approaching 5.5 million vaccines administered so far. For a closer look at the state of … Continued

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Should People who had covid wait to get a vaccine?

Should People Who Had COVID-19 Get a Vaccine?

As the first Covid-19 vaccine doses roll out across the country, a question has emerged among scientists and public-health experts: Should people who have already had the virus consider deferring vaccination? What’s Happening Last week, the first doses from Pfizer-BioNTech made their way to health-care workers at facilities across the country. Then on Friday, Moderna garnered emergency use authorization from … Continued

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Vaccine FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Vaccines

As large scale clinical trials take place globally in the pursuit of a COVID-19 vaccine, communities are doing what they can to reduce the spread. However, a safe and effective vaccine is critical in reaching the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and finding a path back to normalcy.  As we await a vaccine, let’s explore … Continued

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