Do you qualify for foot exams?

Do you qualify for an annual foot exam?

“Routine” foot care means toenail clipping and the removal of corns and calluses, which is not considered for an annual foot exam. However, your insurance may cover these in specific circumstances. It depends on what your insurance considers medically necessary. For example: If you have foot problems that are caused by conditions such as diabetes, … Continued

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Vaccine supply issues

Why hasn’t the U.S. made more progress on the vaccinations?

It’s been weeks since the COVID-19 vaccines began arriving at hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Operation Warp Speed—the U.S. vaccination development, testing, and distribution effort—had made 20 million vaccine doses available by the end of 2020. Yet the U.S. is only approaching 5.5 million vaccines administered so far. For a closer look at the state of … Continued

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Senior Foot Care

Why Foot Care Is Critical for Seniors

The foot is a complicated body part – home to 26 bones, says Dr. Ariel Lepoff, a podiatrist at The Medical Group of South Florida in Jupiter, Florida. This complexity and the heavy-duty wear-and-tear they endure over the years places a lot of stress and strain on our feet causing problems. After a lifetime of supporting … Continued

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Multidisciplinary Practice

Benefits of a Multidisciplinary Practice

When it comes to primary health care, patients have two choices – entrust their care to a general practitioner (GP) or to a multidisciplinary practice. A GP is a physician who doesn’t specialize in any particular area of medicine, but provides routine health care (physical examinations, immunizations, etc.) and diagnoses and treats different conditions. A multidisciplinary … Continued

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